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NOLA ALERT! Do you know -THIS- guy?: 
04:32pm 18/04/2006

(cross-posted like the dickens, sorry...)
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Katrina Photos 
07:44pm 19/09/2005
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Hello everyone!

I'm new and I brought with me a bunch of photos I ahve taken on the ground in Slidell in the aftermath of Katrina.

They are categorized inside of the .zip file which you can download from this yousendit link.


Be safe,

Satellite Images Provide Overhead View Of Neighborhoods 
11:43am 06/09/2005
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A Cessna airplane flying at 7,500 feet above the New Orleans area took hundreds of pictures that are now available online.

The entire area has not been photographed, but you can use the maps in an effort to find your neighborhood.

Click here to go to the site, which is provided by NOAA, to see if your neighborhood is flooded. You can also find satellite images from Google.

Once there, you can click on the small black boxes to zoom to the overhead pictures. Then, use the back button in your Internet browser to return to the main map.

Satellite Image Shows New Orleans Flooding
FQ studies 
03:08pm 03/08/2005
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This shot was taken through the batten shutters of our room on the third floor of the Biscuit Palace guest house on Rue Dumaine.

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07:18pm 01/08/2005
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Hello everyone. I just found this community today, so I thought I'd make a contribution. My girlfriend and I are frequent visitors to New Orleans and our last trip was this past March. I took quite a few photos that time around! Please enjoy.

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04:53pm 16/07/2004
  hey guys!
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01:23am 12/04/2004
from above 
05:03am 27/03/2004
  photo taken a couple months ago when flying in